Sher Loomis

Donna Packard is a woman with such heart, grace, love, integrity, and joy-filled spirit that even just a brief conversation with her lifts your vibrational level to the highest! She has a way of listening so deeply, so tuned in that you really feel that you have been heard by angels! She always gives 110% to all she connects with and to all the work she does. I have been blessed to
have her in my life since 1999! Each year our bond has grown through exploring spirit in new ways
and through her I have been able to release and move forward anew again and again! We often talk
of the power of transformation, linked to the butterfly. She continues to help me to soar on new wings!
The greatest part of working with Donna is the gift she is herself! Donna’s own heart energy is so pure and loving that you just know you are in the company of angels and a higher power working through her. She is the most empathetic, warm and wise woman I know!
Thank you, Donna, for the gift that you are!

Melody Christensen

Vibrations of healing to my soul are what you give. Your spirit shines through your eyes, your smile; your whole being is surrounded by healing light. You are a healer of souls.

Michele McQuaid

The one thing I remember about Donna is a softness & sincere acceptance of others without any judgement. She has a sweet but calming effect on people that is healing simply just being in her presence.

Janet Heartson

One of the things that makes you unique is your depth. You do not just think things, you live them. When I am around you, I feel loved and safe to be myself. I felt that my gifts were respected and appreciated. You are inclusive and empowering

Marika Wilde

So many thanks for your gift which really stirred up the energy circulating through me as I listened to it. My heart is still beating fast as I acclimate to the higher energies coming in while listening to it.

Dr. Terri Vanderlinde

I see you as a person with a serene exterior and an inferno roaring below the surface. A fire of love, peace, music, compassion and a little silliness thrown in for good measure. I respect you as a wise woman and one of the influential teachers in my life. I see you as a calm warrior, getting your message across with gentle awareness. You have an undying passion for helping people and the planet. What makes you stand out is that you still care and you still are fighting the good fight when the rest of us have become jaded and complacent. You keep going and won’t give up until the beautiful world you envision is here. You are a visionary who is willing to make your dreams a reality. I have worked with other musicians, breathworkers, energy workers, wise women and activists. Donna, you are all of those at once, wrapped into one little, unassuming, humble package. You give your message gently, yet forcefully. You speak the truth. You know the future. You don’t push your agenda, but invite others to join you in making a better world. I am a better person for knowing you and learning from you.

Esther Morrow

Donna, you have a divine energy that radiates out into the world. I can feel the energy when I am working with you. Your energy is strong and healing. You resonate with higher frequencies of the universe and those vibrations lift others around you. I got so much good from my sessions with you. Your work stands out because of your personal integrity and your higher energetic levels coordinating with the universe. You are in harmony with the higher vibrations of the universe. Your mind, heart and soul are all on the same level and your thinking follows the same wavelength. You are truly an extension of love working in this world. I would recommend you to anyone and have. Working with you, there is healing being done on so many levels at the same time.

Ed Marshall

The first thing that comes to mind is the constant purity of Donna’s intention. I’ve worked with her in a variety of circumstances and I’ve always been struck by the way she focuses on the goal to be achieved for her clients and students – at the exclusion of any consideration of self. She is a pure and effortless ‘giver’, so very rare in today’s world, and so very essential in the work she has chosen to do.

Maggie McCauley

One of the things that’s very noticeable about you is that you are very grounded in your spirituality. You have a deep sense of who you are, connect well with others, have a high level of sensitivity to the needs of others and speak from your heart. I get a strong sense that you believe in yourself deeply, take risks to create what you want in your life, have a clear vision and a strong sense of determination and you teach others to find the same within themselves. You have a quiet strength that stands out.


One of the wonderful pieces of the most incredible you, Donna, is you always find a way to see/state the positive, the light, the good of even a bad situation. Your work in the world stands out because your very ancient soul/essence exudes light that intrinsically transmutes all for the good and
illuminates this back to the soul of the world. The difference in you, Donna, is the ability to ‘vision’
from a cellular level.”

Cheryl Roth

The vision I had is sustaining me during a time of emotional storm. I had the vision after we finished the session. There are many painful emotions at this time in my life, but I view them now like the weather, and choose not to be motivated to act negatively because of them. I am choosing to breathe through the feelings and make other positive decisions that keep the winds of change blowing gently. I was able to share part of my vision with a friend who is going through some difficulties and she was very inspired. This was an affirmation to me that the life giving elements of love are flowing more freely in my life again. Thanks for all you do by sharing your gift. You are a compassionate and caring person. You are a person who knows that what is on the inside in our hearts, manifests in our lives. So you help people get in touch with their invisible motivation points or stumbling blocks, to help them discover who they really are or clear away what blocks them from being who they really are. I think your works stands out because it is not so common. I think you come across as an equal, a friend, a genuinely concerned person; not a know it all, not a fake, not a person who gets all hyped up on the latest New Age trend until the next trend comes along. I think you are very approachable and people can feel comfortable in your presence.


Thank you for leading me into such an amazing experience. I am still processing it. I have journaled and more has come to me as I have reflected on it. {In the experience}, I broke into very, very many pieces. It felt like a million, but that seems too large a number. Each piece became something, grass, dew, bug, flower and even the stars. Since that day, I have just felt even more connected to my surroundings. Nature has always played a very important role in my life. I have always told my own children when they were having difficulties to go lay upon the Earth. I definitely want to work with you again.

Linda Fairbanks

You are first a Light with a resonance to magnetize people to you who are willing to explore the depths of who they are. You are like an energetic landscaper. Your equipment includes the bulldozer and the backhoe to loosen and remove the large stones of encapsulated emotion, as well as the
grader and the rake to smooth out and fill the spaces anew. The planting takes place as the new design unfolds with the land readied…all done with breathing, gentleness and focused intention.


The day the doctor called about my bladder cancer, I said aloud, “Okay, God, what do I do now?” and you called. The pictures you have sent, the music, the meditations, I could go through each one and tell you how they came at just the moment I needed them to. When I first had cancer, I did lots of research on alternative methods, positive thoughts, healing, etc. Somehow in talking to therapists, and they have plenty that come to speak to you when you get the diagnosis, so much seemed to be linked to my past and my thoughts and how I reacted to what I did. It almost seemed not only was the disease not in my control, harboring my stresses, etc. may have caused the cancer. They almost, without knowing it, made me feel I was the cause of it. I felt guilty. You, my angel, said, “Look at the trees in the forest, when one gets sick and dies, it is not because it did anything wrong.” It was an immediate weight taken from me. And all these specialists could not stop my anxiety, while you did with guiding me with tree roots and a walk. Once again you saved me. This may seem like such a simple solution to you, but you have a gift.

Laurie Runnals

In one of my breathwork sessions with Donna, my hoped for objective was for some kind of healing with my mother. I had not ever loved my mother that I consciously knew of and given past memories, I could not even allow my mother to touch me. With Donna’s coaching, I started breathing which is
sometimes hard to do when I’m stuck in a place of resistance. And, if ever there was resistance, it WAS usually with regard to my mother back then. So I had some resistance to the breath, but Donna kept me breathing anyway and supported me with her voice, words, energy and loving spirit. Before I
knew it I was breathing with ease and found myself in this ‘space’ of perfect, clear LOVE. That’s the only word I can find as there are no words for what happened that day and other days as I continued the breathing. Within this love, I had the direct experience that there is none other than love. I EXPERIENCED that day that all there really is, is love. While in that space of love, I found myself with the awareness of my mother and experienced nothing but love for her and in her. It was the most amazing experience of my life. Since this experience, I have not ever been able to hate again and my mother and I share a great love for each other now. What a gift! With Donna’s help, I have had the direct experience of the love that IS all there is. Phew…to try to put words to the healing that happened that day, not just with my mother, but within myself and every aspect of my life, is difficult for I do feel there are no words for what I experienced that day, other than to say I found “inloveness’. I have found I am unable to ’hate’ ever since that experience and that was many years ago. I owe Donna such a great gratitude for the work she did with me that changed the path of my life forever in such a positive way. I recommend Donna and the work she does to anyone who really wants to experience (not just believe) that the truth is truely, ‘in love”.   My life has been blessed ever since…

Pauline Derby

The session was really relaxing and opened up my third eye to accept guidance. You have a wonderful, gentle way about you.

NH Artist

I enjoyed working with you. You provide a caring, supportive environment. I feel joy and connection with a higher source when working with you. My life does clarify itself to me and I become aware of my priorities. And I always learn something new about the spiritual world and myself. And that’s the truth.

Peg Losee

Donna provided not only breathwork which re-energized my system, but also friendship and caring. She listened to my concerns and needs. She provided comfort in both words and actions. I learned there were alternatives to healing both the physical and spiritual body that did not require medication
or organized religious beliefs. It opened a new way of looking at life and myself. I found the sessions I had with Donna revitalized me. When I was depressed or stressed, I found that these sessions cleared my body and my senses. The first time I did breathwork, I was astonished to see how tense and depleted my energy flow was. Re-learning how to breathe during stressful times helped me refocus. I also had several emotional releases that I needed but held on to for whatever reasons my subconscious had for keeping them. When I finished my sessions, I felt lighter and happier than I had felt in awhile. I realized my self worth and how to keep myself in balance. Thank you, Donna!

Leslie Cave

I could never have imagined what would transpire out of working with Donna. What started out as curiosity has become a life-changing event for me. Donna is a great facilitator and with every powerful session I chip away at the spider webs inside me and my purpose becomes clearer – my future
becomes brighter. I have learned from Donna’s sessions that I am in control of my life and how I feel, which is wonderful. Thank you!

Alice Standish

You helped me create an awareness of the breath and its importance to whole health and how establishing a new breathing pattern promotes not only physical health, but mental, emotional and spiritual health as well. You made me aware of how my breathing changes in various situations – fear, anger and stress for example. As my breathing opened, I felt more open, lighter and calmer in all areas of my life. And, on a physical level, a problem I had been having with my right hand –that my doctors were unable to diagnose – has significantly improved. When I find myself in stressful situations now I am able to pay attention to my breathing and calm myself. Physically I feel stronger and healthier. I sometimes felt like Atlas with the weight of the world on my shoulders and now I feel ‘lighter’. Donna is loving, supportive and perceptive. It has always been difficult for me to share problems with others yet I found myself opening my heart to Donna more and more with each session. While I believe this openness is one of the benefits of the full circle breathing she shared, I believe as well I would have taken longer to get there without the benefit of Donna’s empathy and compassion.

It’s time for something different and it begins with YOU!!!

A great vibrational shift is at hand. When we each step into our Divine Nature, transformation happens. Accepting your self is where you find what you have been seeking and where you discover your greatest freedom.

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