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I recently was interviewed by Melissa Boyd on her Spiritual Tools radio show. She asked me what my favorite spiritual tool is. It was hard to choose!  There are many wonderful tools that help me to stay centered in my heart and that remind me to move back into a state of Presence and well-being. As mentioned on the show, one of my favorites lately has been writing in a Blessings Journal each day.

I used to keep a Blessings Journal daily, though hadn’t done that for some years. Recently, I came across one and found that it was so uplifting to read! It brought back so many heart-warming memories!  My daily blessings included things like singing with my friend’s young daughter, Zen’s presence and purring (He was my long time cat companion – and Zen master, of course!), the deer in my yard, the beauty of the flowers, the trees, the air I breathe, legs to stand on, eyes to see, my talents, a chat with a new friend, a freshly mowed lawn, clean clothes, comforting and comfortable home, smells, air and sound of the ocean and so much more!

The instructions for keeping a Blessings Journal are easy! Get a journal, or even a pad of paper will work, and take some time to jot down all of your blessings each day. You might do this before you go to bed, or may choose to add to it throughout your day. You might also imagine breathing all of these blessings into your heart and feel them light you up inside. And, when you are feeling down or having a hard day, read your Blessings Journal. It will really help to lift your spirits.

A Blessings Journal is a really easy tool to help to raise your vibrational frequency. Focusing on your blessings, shifts your energetic field. Remember, the way energy works is that what you focus on expands.   If you are focusing your attention (and, in turn, your energy) on what you are lacking or missing in your life, that is what you will see more of. It is as if the universe mirrors that back to you because you are looking at the world through that filter of limitation. The more you focus there, the things you will be aware of and perceive in the world around you will reflect that sense of lack back to you. Then, that vibrational pattern grows because you think, “See, I am lacking in these things.” You can get caught up in a stuck pattern where you focus on what you are missing.

The good news is you can easily break that cycle of seeing your world through eyes of what is missing or lacking. Focusing on what you are blessed with each day transforms your energy field and vibrational frequency. In turn, you now move to seeing the world through eyes of gratitude and the blessings you see each day uplift your spirit and shift your energetic field and patterns. More and more blessings are mirrored back to you. You begin to see and recognize more of the infinite and unlimited blessings there for you every day!
As I mentioned on the radio show, I think it was Melissa who actually first told me that Albert Einstein used to say 100 things aloud each day that he was grateful for. I can assure you that if you do this for a month, you will be amazed at how your focus and outlook shifts. It’s so simple really! Include everything you are grateful for from a gas pedal that works well in your car to a shared smile with a stranger to a hug from your child or mate.
I invite you to start your Blessings Journal today. And do share your blessings on my blog ( and Facebook page ( That way we can remind one another of all of the gifts and blessings we each have each day. We can build a community that uplifts one another as together we shift our vibrational frequencies to one of gratefulness.
Are you ready to claim your unlimited and infinite blessings?
Many Blessings,
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