An old friend of mine once designed a t-shirt that portrayed an image of an angel flying by. The words printed on it were “Just Passing Through”. It always reminded me of our earthly journey. We are the Spirit of our Soul who is just passing through this Earthly experience.

During our lifetime, we each act out certain roles we have chosen to take on for the expansion of our Souls and also for those with whom our paths cross during this amazing journey. I see this experience of life as a dream of our Soul. There is something so much bigger going on than what you or I experience in the day-to-day. You and I may have forgotten this, though we are all in a time of re-awakening to remember our magnificence. How could the Source of All expressing through the unique version of life that is YOU, and of all other things, not be magnificent?

Knowing you are just passing through can help you to not get so caught up in the ‘stuff’ and ‘drama’ of your daily life. What is happening is temporary. The meaning we place upon things comes from the belief systems we have taken on as truths. We filter our experiences through our perception of things based on our conditioning. When you change your perception, your world changes.

There is so much more happening on levels that your mind may not fully understand. It is all part of a larger plan and of a Divine Intelligence that has your best interest in mind (even though it may not always look that way). There are reasons things play out and unfold the way they do, even if you do not yet understand them.

The amazing thing is that you get to play and co-create in this miraculous world. How cool is that? What a gift each moment is! Take a look around. Each moment holds so many blessings and miracles: a flower blooming, snow falling, the wind howling, gentle breezes, storms, sunshine, green grass, sandy beaches, rocky mountains, a baby’s touch, a cat purring, a dog walking beside you, brilliantly colored birds, a lover’s hand in yours, a sad song, a happy dance, philosophies and poetry and art and sound and mechanics and science and so much more! Each moment you get to experience life in all its glory! You get to create and express, dance and sing, cry and laugh as you pass through this amazing Divinely-guided journey of life!

We don’t know for how long we each will be here. That is a mystery. So, let’s embrace each moment and enjoy it for the miracle it is. Once we leave here, we may not get to walk through a forest of pine trees, or see a meadow with the new greens of spring covered with the brilliant gold of a blanket of new dandelions, or eat a freshly picked apple, or watch a sunset, or cry a tear, or enjoy a deep belly laugh or experience anything in quite the way we get to on this life’s journey. We do not know what is next in the unfolding journey of our Soul in this life and beyond. I am certain it is something EVEN BETTER and that all that we experience here adds to the continued evolution of our Soul preparing us and taking us on some incredible adventures to come!

Embrace your life as the gift and miracle that it is; the gift and miracle that is YOU! Begin to recognize the Divine Nature within you and in everyone that you meet. As you pass through this journey of life, open your ‘spiritual eyes’ and see your life in a new light. See it for the miracle it is and fully embrace this gift of life you have been given.

It’s time for something different and it begins with YOU! Accepting your self is where you find what you have been seeking and where you discover your greatest freedom.
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