What comes to mind when you think of ‘abundance’? Do you regard abundance as ‘wealth, wealth as related to money? True wealth is an abundance of valuable resources that allow you the freedom to do what you would like to do. In addition to money, you might also have a wealth of love, kindness, health, joy, support, nourishing food, shelter, transportation, friends, creativity, talents and gifts, skills and expertise, and many other kinds of riches. You have a wealth of valuable minutes each day and an abundance of oxygen to breathe, which holds within it the infinite blessings of the creative life force that flows and expresses through you.

Through conditioning, you may have developed a limited view of wealth, seeing wealth as equal to how much money you make or how many things you have. In reality, it is so much more! True wealth is a state of being. It comes from being attuned to the vibrational frequency of unlimited possibility and potential that flows forth from the Source of Divine Love and Infinite Intelligence that lives inside you. And, the only thing that gets in the way of you being in this free flowing state of abundance is you!

You may have gotten in your own way with limiting beliefs and fears that you have come to believe and accept as truths. To break free of the limiting beliefs and patterns that have been constructed, and that you have been conditioned to believe, you must come to understand the universal bottom line.

This bottom line is knowing, with a sense of certitude, that your unlimited abundance, wealth and infinite blessings come to you from the Source who created you and all things. This Divine Intelligence, the Heart of Creation, supplies you, in so many ways, with wealth beyond measure. In fact, it supplies you with ALL things, in ALL ways.

Constant bombardment of advertisements tell you that you need to buy something more to be successful, or healthy, or become prettier, to fit in, to be loved. It is easy to get caught up in focusing on what you lack.  Something to keep in mind is that what you focus on expands. If your attention is focused on what you lack, lack is what is mirrored back to you in your life experience.

How about doing an experiment? For the next ten days, focus on all of the wealth and riches you currently have in your life. Each morning take a few minutes to say aloud all of the ways you are wealthy and are richly blessed.  State at least ten ways in which wealth flows through your life.  This may be a wealth of skills, a wealth of laughter, a wealth of health, a wealth of friends, a wealth of beauty surrounding you, a wealth of gas in your car, a wealth of birds singing to you in the morning, a wealth of smiles, a wealth of oxygen to breathe…you get the idea.

And, throughout the day, whenever you catch yourself focusing on what you lack or don’t have enough of, turn your thinking and focus around toward the blessings in your life that you do have. Having an ‘attitude of gratitude’ for the riches and blessings in your life tremendously shifts your energy and creates a new vibrational pattern.

Ask your Soul to support you in shifting the focus of your attention from lack to a focus on wealth and abundance. And be sure to express your feelings of thankfulness and gratitude for all of the incredible things you do have in your life. (Albert Einstein, who knew the secrets of how energy works, stated aloud 100 things he was grateful for every day!)

Your life is full of so many blessings and gifts. You will find that as you shift your focus to paying attention to all that you do have, this, in turn, shifts your vibrational pattern. Soon you will find that things in your life will also shift to match this new energetic pattern you are emitting. (Everything is energy, including you and all of your thoughts – and energy can be transformed into something new).

Ask your Soul to step in to assist with this new focus on the riches your life holds.  When you choose to work in a conscious partnership with your Soul, you create an incredible partnership powered by the central force of creation of the universe.

Listen for the guiding steps your Soul inspires you to take. When you follow your Soul’s guidance, and take the action steps it inspires you to take, you will find it is as if you have your very own Trust Fund flowing to you like a river of abundance. It provides you with all of the forms of wealth needed to support you in accomplishing your Soul’s Mission for you in this lifetime.

You hold within your hands the key to unlock the door to tremendous wealth of unlimited blessings, possibilities and potential. Through your conscious Connection and Partnership with your Soul, you tap into Infinite Abundance, Joy, and Love, Grace and riches of all kinds.

Are you ready to embrace these riches? Are you ready to work in partnership with your Soul to open to all that you will need to accomplish your Soul Mission? Are you willing to start today?

P.S. If you would like support in uncovering your Soul Mission or shifting energetic patterns that may be limiting you, I am currently accepting a few new clients into my Spirit Blessings coaching program. Write me for details:  info@igniteyourdivinenature.com

It’s time for something different and it begins with YOU! Accepting your self is where you find what you have been seeking and where you discover your greatest freedom.
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