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Happy Holiday Greetings to You!

With Winter Solstice right around the corner, we are moving into a very powerful time. It is the time of the rebirth of the sun.  The days have become shorter and shorter,  and soon the tides will turn to shift to where the days become longer again. This happens on the Winter Solstice, when the Light is born again.  It is born again in all things and in each of us. (Here in New Hampshire, the Winter Solstice is on December 21st at 11:49 PM EST.  In Universal Coordinate time, it is Tuesday, December 22nd at 4:49 UTC)

Interestingly,  the time of the Winter Solstice coincides with the birth of Jesus, where the Light of the World is born into human form.  Metaphorically speaking, and metaphysically speaking, this symbolizes a time when we are reminded that the Light of the Divine is reborn within each of us.  Jesus was here to show you what you are capable of and who you truly are. You carry the Light of the Divine within you. The Divine expresses through you and lives in you.  And, at the time of the Winter Solstice, the rebirth of the sun, this Light is once again sparked within you. Some think of this as the Christ Consciousness being born within you.  You might think of this as a time of the birth of you being renewed as a spiritual sun-son (daughter) where you transform from a place of inner darkness to a place of spiritual light.

Sadly, we have moved away from being connected with the natural cycles and rhythms of the Earth and Sky that have so much wisdom to teach us if we pay attention. Not being connected in this way may leave you feeling disconnected and alone, or like you do not fit in or that something is missing. When, the truth is, we are all a part of the same energy of Creation that lives and breathes through each one of us.  You are a spark, and expression,  of this Divine Light that flows through each of us and through all things. You are an essential part of this web of Light, of life, to which we all belong. Reconnecting with the natural cycles of nature will help you to remember your connection to all things.

The Winter Solstice is a very special time in the year’s cycle.  When the daylight is at it’s shortest and the darkness at its longest moment, there is a space in between when the dark turns back to light.  It’s been said this is when the sun stands still. This is a space of the void, of nothingness, emptiness.  Yet, within this space of nothingness is where everything lives. It is the place of Infinite Possibility!

This is a time when you may more readily tap into this space of Infinite Possibility to bring forth new intentions to your life. It is a time to re-spark the Dream of your Soul! You are a spiritual being having a human experience, and, as such, there is a spiritual seed, or Divine spark inside you waiting to spring forth.  It is, energetically speaking, a perfect time to renew your spiritual Light!

You might be wondering, “So, what does this all mean for me?” What it means is this is a perfect time for you to go within and set intentions.  This is an advantageous time for setting intentions that will be birthed together at this time with the newborn sun.  The Divine Light within you will birth the intentions in alignment with your Soul’s Dream into the world. (This is much like the newborn son being birthed in the manger bringing Light to the world.)

Since this is such an important time energetically, I encourage you to plan a short (or long) ritual for yourself on the Solstice. Do this in a way that feels right for you and reflects what is meaningful for you. I am going to give you some guidance on a possible ritual to follow, yet, please do feel free to alter this in any way to make it match your own Soul’s expression and to follow your unique spiritual path. There surely is not just one way, or one right way, being that we each are a unique expression of the Divine, each following our own paths and seeing the world through our own spiritual eyes.

Read through the instructions and modify to your liking. Gather what you will need to have on hand, such as candles, lighter, a journal, pens, paints, musical instruments, festive music, holiday lights, etc.

1. Find a quiet space.  You may want to have things that have meaning to you with you during this time, such as a special rock that has meaning, a feather you found, a shell, you may want to light incense, or use a smudge stick before you begin to clear the space. Make this your ritual and decide what is important to make it meaningful for you.  Some of you may want to invite your angels and/or spirit guides to join with you in this ritual.  Some of you may want to say a special prayer to begin. Some may want to invite God in to guide you. Some of you may want to honor the elements and the four directions. Do what feels right for YOU. Listen into your own Heart and follow Its guidance to help you set up your space for this time of renewal for you.  You will be planting the seeds for your New Year’s creation.


2. Before you begin your time of re-creation, release anything you do not want to take with you into the New Year. You may want to write down things you want to release such as fear of success, fear of failure, burdens you may carry, patterns of codependency, addiction to sadness, etc., or you may want to cut ties to relationships that are not healthy for you. Write these down and burn them to release them to Spirit. You may do this with your imagination, such as imagining cutting the cords to ties to relationship that no longer serve you, or actually write down the things you wish to release on pieces of paper and throw them into a fire, or have some type of burning bowl to burn them in.

Keep in mind that in order for the new to begin, you must release the old
and that each ending makes way for a new beginning.

Are there patterns you wish to let go of to make way for all of that that energy to be redirected towards fulfilling the dream in your heart, the dream of your Soul?  Are there obstacles that keep you from living your Dream? Are you willing to let them go? Now is the time to release them to Spirit.

3. Spend 20 minutes in silence and in the darkness. Quiet your mind. As thoughts come into your mind, simply allow them to be and to pass through, focusing your attention on your breath flowing in and out. You are breathing the Light of the World, the Light from the Heart of Creation. Divine Love flows through you with every breath.  This is the Light that breathes life into your intentions, into creation. (You may want to set a timer so that you know when 20 minutes are up so you will not have to ‘think’ about that.)

4. Stay in silence a bit longer and take time to listen for guidance and inspiration. Listen with your heart, your knowing, your feelings. It is in the silence, the darkness, the void that you have access to Infinite Possibility. Allow this to spring forth through your heart’s listening and knowing.  This energy then begins to move under the ground, to create a new seed that with nurturing will spring forth and grow. The newly born sun then shines its Light, its beautiful rays, to nurture the new seeds that are being birthed.


5. Light a candle to represent the Light being reborn. Write down inspirations, insights and your intentions for the upcoming year.  Feel into what it is you want to ‘seed’ during this new cycle of life, for you and your life and what you are moved to bring forth into the world. How do you want your life to feel? To look? To taste? To sound?  What is the vision being seeded that the Light will nurture and help to grow?

6. Then listen carefully for your Soul’s Dream to pour forth. Write it down, speak it, sing it, play it, draw it, paint it, dance it, design it, however you are moved to express it.

7. Write or draw your intentions and what it is that you want to be seeded for this year. Put this list or drawings into a special box or place that you will look at next year at this time.

8. Now is time for celebration!  Celebrate the Light of the World bringing its rays to nurture your vision, to nurture the new seed that has been created. Celebrate the rebirth of the Sun!  Celebrate your time of renewal! You may want to turn on you holiday lights at this time or light up your Christmas tree or do something else that represents the Light to you, depending upon your chosen spiritual path. You may want to play festive music, dance, sing, or feast. Welcome the light with Christmas lights, holiday lights, candles… make this a  celebration of your life, the dream you are stepping into,  of your renewal, rebirth and inspiration!  Embrace and celebrate the light of the Divine in your life in whatever form your celebration takes.

9. Remember, as the New Year begins to listen for guidance and take the inspired actions steps as guided to bring your intentions and visions forth in the physical world.  Spirit will guide you and support you, as long as you are taking the steps and making room in your life for the new vision to unfold. For instance, if your dream is to write a book this year, schedule a block of time each day for writing.

I leave you with this song I recorded after my Dad died. It holds special meaning and much love that I am sharing with you. You may have heard it before. I like to share it each year at this time. Feel free to share this with your loved ones, friends and family. (It takes a few seconds before the music begins.)

Many blessings to you for the holiday season and for the New Year ahead!


Donna Packard, M.Ed.
Spirit Blessings Coach, Spiritual Mentor and Transformational Facilitator

It’s time for something different and it begins with YOU! Accepting your self is where you find what you have been seeking and where you discover your greatest freedom.
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